Diet, Depression, and Anxiety

Everyone has a downer of a day now and then. The kind where you just have the blues and are feeling low. Similarly, everyone has fears and things that induce nervousness. Find some dietary tips for how to boost your mood in our article How Nutrients Affect Mood and Behavior and the biological pathways they work through in our article This is Your Brain on Food. In this article, the focus is whether or not diet can help treat depression and anxiety.

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235 Winners and Warriors in Your Fitness Business

Dori Nugent the Membership Director at Club La Maison Health and Fitness Club

Dori is a 15 year fitness industry veteran, she started out as an instructor, then later became a Group Fitness Director for 2 different privately owned health clubs.

Dori currently serves on the Board of Directors for the mid-atlantic club management association and she is an educational presenter at IHRSA conferences.

What you’ll learn

  • The dynamics of a well functioning team
  • What are three ways we can connect with our team members
  • 3 actions for a manager to improve employee engagement

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  • 03:31  The dynamics of a well functioning team
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  • 08:24  What are winners and warriors
  • 16:22  What are three ways we can connect with our team members
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Precor Quick Fire Five Guest, Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

Resources our experts shared in the show

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