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Tim Lyons is the founder and CEO of Pro-Fit Marketing Solutions and Pulse Fitness Training. Tim has spent the last decade as a gym owner and operator in the fitness industry and he knows first hand the challenges of gym ownership and understands the need for reliable, results-driven marketing solutions.

As the creator of Pro-Fit Marketing Solutions, he’s devised industry-specific marketing strategies and helped hundreds of fitness professionals learn how to successfully market their products and services. Tim is the author of bestselling published book Built to Grow, The Gym Owners Guide to Success and Scalability, and the creator and host of weekly Podcast, Built to Grow.


What you’ll learn

  • Understanding content marketing and the benefits for your business
  • Why video is an essential ingredient for connecting with prospects
  • Tips for launching your content marketing strategy

Episode Timeline

  • 00:01  Highlights in this weeks show
  • 00:32  Thank you to our podcast partner Tribe Team Training
  • 01:16  Introducing this week guest
  • 02:21   Message from our podcast partner Tribe Team Training
  • 02:40  How would you define content marketing?
  • 04:27  The elements of a successful content marketing campaign
  • 07: 31  What is direct response marketing?
  • 10:20 What are the primary benefits of using Video in your marketing
  • 13:27  Video Case Study
  • 26:25  Message from MX Metrics
  • 26:59  Fitbizpirtion:  Top tips for launching a content marketing strategy
  • 29:27  Message from our podcast partner Precor
  • 30:07  Precor Quick Fire Five
  • 30:37  REWIND show:  Sean Cannell – How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel
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