Welcome to my little space on the web

I am still working on a page here. But you can get to various pages on the site through the menu.

Some 2016 Highlights

  1. I became dad to a thriving, happy bunch of chickens; such beautiful, adorable, and personable creatures, each with her own personality. Later in the year I was happy to locally source custom-made wholesome, completely organic, non-GMO feed for these lovely creatures.
  2. My front and backyard are now chemical free for about 2 years. I use only natural methods for weed control, etc. I removed my front lawn without machinery. In its place, I xeriscaped in a new landscape featuring a pea gravel labyrinth winding through rock formations and drought-tolerant plants, most grown from seedlings. Finding a cold-hardy variety of Eucalyptus and an "herb row" are among my favorites. My yard might have the only labyrinth in West Jordan. There are a few other labyrinths in the Salt Lake Valley. One is at St. Mark's Cathedral.