Class Action Lawsuit Against VASA Fitness and Paramount Acceptance

On behalf of exploited consumers in Utah and Colorado, I have taken a stand. In February 2017, I filed a class action lawsuit against "VASA Fitness" and Paramount Acceptance (DBA) on behalf of an estimated 780,000 people in Utah and Colorado for many acts of wrongdoing (numerous causes of action). I, Matthew Winters, by necessity and in the interest of protecting many consumers who have been wronged, am the Plaintiff in the class action lawsuit and have requested to be the Class Represenative.

This action seeking class action certification was filed in the Third Judicial District Court of the State of Utah. A link to a copy of the Class Action Complaint is below (with very minor redaction of contact information). It is classified as a public document. A current timeline of the class action lawsuit is available on this site along with other information as it becomes available. In the Third Judicial District Court of Utah, the class action lawsuit is case number 170901009.

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