274 J.P Richard How to Make Small Group Training Successful in Your Club

J.P Richard is the CEO of TRIBE Team Training USA. Since launching TRIBE Team Training® in North America back in 2014, J.P. has grown the company to help over 80 facilities and over 1000 Certified TRIBE Coaches who are changing lives every day.  JP pride’s himself in the fact that all of TRIBE member clubs are earning more money and are more profitable than ever by using the TRIBE Team Training system and education platforms and continuing support.  Prior to TRIBE Team Training, J.P. was a successful VP of Sales for a Montreal based commercial relocation company where he handled some of the largest relocations in the Montreal market.  J.P. has a business degree from the University of Alabama and was captain and earned All-American status for their Swim Team.


Your Podcast Snapshot:

  • Factors to consider before introducing Small Group Training
  • Best business practices for launch
  • 3 tips for making SGT successful and profitable

Episode Timeline

  • 00:37  Thank you to our podcast partner, Tribe Team Training
  • 01.14  What’s coming up on this week’s show
  • 02:01  Introducing J.P Richard
  • 03:23  What clubs best suit Small Group Training?
  • 05:24  Factors to consider before introducing Small Group Training
  • 13:25  Anything to avoid when it comes to Small Group Training
  • 15:06  Best business practices for launch
  • 20:11  Key stakeholders in Small Group Training
  • 23:51 3 tips for making SGT successful and profitable
  • 28:01  Thank you to Tribe Team Training
  • 28:29 Thank you to our foundation partner Active Management


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