271 Customer Service Success in 2020 with Jaquie Scammell

Jaquie Scammell is Australia’s leading customer service expert, helping create a service mindset to those seeking growth in their organisations and themselves.

In 2013 she launched her own business following a diverse career with over 20 years of leadership experience in public, private and not for profit sectors.

Jaquie has worked with the McDonalds franchise system as well as major sports and entertainment venues such as Wembley National Stadium (UK), Emirates Stadium (UK) and the Australian Open Grand Slam. She authored the book, Creating a Customer Service Mindset and is a regular blogger, offering practical tools, resources and a set of Mindsets to help leaders transform their own behaviours and service habits to help them teach others.


Your Podcast Snapshot:

  • 3 key metrics we should improve around customer service
  • Action steps to achieve the result for each metric
  • Tips to remain focused on your New Years customer service resolution

Episode Timeline

  • 00:09  Your Fitness Business Podcast Snapshot
  • 00:31  Thank you to our foundation partner Active Management
  • 00:57   What’s coming up on this week show
  • 03:12   3 key metrics to improve customer service
  • 06:23   Action steps to identify values and behaviours
  • 10:15  Action steps to improve employee engagement
  • 15:43   Action steps to improve positive compliments
  • 20:53  How can we get our team to buy into these New Years Retention Resolutions
  • 22:46  Fitbizpiration
  •  27:07 Message from our friends at One Fit Stop
  • 27:45   Precor Quick Fire Five with Sgt Ken Weichert
  • 28:06  REWIND Feature Show: Mastering Your Customer Experience Strategy
  • 28:53  Join us at the #FBPFamily Meet Up at IHRSA 2020
  • 29:58  Join the Active Management Community today!

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This Weeks Precor Quick Fire Five Guest: Sgt Ken Weichert

Book recommendation from Sgt Ken: everything I would have said

This Weeks Rewind Show: Jose Teixeira

Mastering Your Customer Experience Strategy

During the episode you will learn:

  • The future of customer experience in the fitness industry
  • How Jose has created their customer service team
  • Joes explains their customer life cycle 0-500

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