267 Rich Hutson – How to Raise Your Membership Prices

Rich Hutson is the CEO CHi Fitness, he is a career “lifer” in the fitness industry starting as a personal trainer in Canada. He moved to Australia and spent 10 years working with the biggest brands including Healthlands and Fitness First. In 2001 he was given the opportunity to be part of the senior executive team that took Fitness First across 6 Asian countries and to over 100 clubs. He also spent 6 years as the Sales Director for Fitness First Europe overseeing 6 countries and 210 clubs. In 2016 he left FF to open Fire Fitness, the first boutique fitness clubs in Malaysia. 2017 saw him take his biggest challenge, the CEO role at CHi Fitness, where he was instrumental in turning the business around and taking it to sale in less than 15 months.

Rich starts a new role in 2020 as the business development Manager for Evolution Wellness and will lead their brand new low cost, high value brand called GoFit.

Your Podcast Snapshot:

  • What to consider before raising your membership prices
  • How and why Rich chose to increase prices by 25%
  • 3 tips that owners must do when deciding to implement an increase

    Episode Timeline

    • 00:09  Your Fitness Business Podcast Snapshot
    • 00:31  Thank you to our podcast partner  MYZONE
    • 00:57   What’s coming up on this week show
    • 02:16   Message from our podcast partner MYZONE
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    • 03:23  Welcome to Rich Hutson
    • 03:49  What should a club owner consider before increasing prices
    • 08:07  How did Rich calculate 25% increase
    • 10:59  Did the price increase apply to current members or just new members?
    • 12:40  Increase timeline roll out
    • 20:57 Were there any changes to how the business was marketed
    • 23:22 If you did it all again, would you change anything?
    • 25:20  Message from our friends at  Gym Sales 
    • 25:57   Fitbizpiration: 3 tips that owners must do when deciding to increase their membership prices
    • 30:25   Message from our podcast partner One Fit Stop
    • 31:05    Precor Quick Fire Five – Jose Teixeira
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