251 How A CrossFit Box Builds Community And Makes $750K In Retail

CJ Martin is the Founder of Invictus Fitness.

In 2008 CJ decided to leave a successful legal career to make a greater, more positive impact on others’ lives, which is when he founded Invictus Fitness, an organisation that fulfils that mission via their physical locations and online training programs.

C.J. has coached more than 50 individual athletes and dozens of Masters athletes to the CrossFit Games.  He has also coached Team Invictus to the CrossFit Games for 10 consecutive years.

On top of all of that, CJ, is also co-founder of Kids Helping Kids, a non-profit organization that has raised over $5 million for neonatal intensive care and paediatric units throughout Oregon.


What you’ll learn

  • How CrossFit has changed over the years
  • Ways CrossFit Invictus make members feel welcome when they first start training
  • The CrossFit games and challenges and the impact they have on building community
  • The commercial benefits of having a strong community
  • Tips for building a community inside your business

Episode Timeline

  • 00:43  Thank you to Team Rockstar Fit
  • 01:43  What’s coming up on this week’s show
  • 3.25  Message from our podcast partner Team Rockstar Fit
  • 03:52  The evolution of CrossFit
  • 05:24  What does the current CrossFit landscape look like
  • 08:33 Ways CrossFit Invictus make members feel welcome when they first start training
  • 10:35  What role do events play when it comes to building community
  • 13:02  All about Friday night lights
  • 15:43  How does the community drive ancillary purchases
  • 18:23 Tips for building community inside your business
  • 21:14  Message from our friends at Loud Rumor
  • 21:55  Partner update with Trina Gray from Team Rockstar Fit
  • 31.48 BONUS Interview with Steve Tharrett from Club Intel  – Be sure to take part in the 2019 Club Intel Study
  • 41:01  Thank you to our podcast partner One Fit Stop
  • 42:03  Precor Quick Fire Five – what’s coming up on next weeks show
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Resources Our Experts Shared in the Show

CJ Martin: Website | Twitter

Connect with Trina Gray and Learn more about Team Rockstar Fit

Club Intel Study:



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