240 6 Step System to Finding Growth in your Fitness Business

Emmett Williams is the President of Myzone.  Prior to Myzone, Emmett built and owned a chain gyms as well as having owned and grown the international sales & marketing company CFM International.

In recent years Emmett was inducted into Fitness Australia’s ‘Roll of Honor’ for his excellence in leadership, and also accepted IHRSA’s ‘Associate of the Year’ award on behalf of Myzone.

What you’ll learn

  • 6 step system to finding growth in your fitness business

Episode Timeline

  • 00:41  Thank you to today’s podcast partner Myzone
  • 01: 12 What’s coming up on this week’s show
  • 02.24 Message from today’s podcast partner Myzone
  • 03:25  What does the term Growth Hacking mean?
  • 04:08  Walking through the 6-step system
  • 05: 26  Step 1: Working out the Problem statement
  • 10:28  Step 2: Priming your team
  • 15:14  Step 3: Divergent Thinking
  • 17:59 Step 4: Convergent Thinking
  • 20:16  Step 5: Scoring Ideas
  • 26:01  Step 6: Testing
  • 34:28  Final tips for today
  • 36:35  Message from Loud Rumor
  • 37:07  Precor Quick Fire Five with Sunil Saha
  • 41:30 Thank you to our podcast partner Tribe Team Training

Resources Our Experts Shared in the Show

Books recommended by Emmett Williams

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

The Advantage

Book recommended by Sunil Saha

High Output Management

Precor Quick Fire Five, Sunil Saha

Sunil Saha



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