Chick-fil-A to Open in Hawaii, Canada

Chick-fil-A to Open in Hawaii, Canada Last week Thursday Chick-fil-A held an informational meeting for pre-registered prospects interested and qualified to become the franchisee of its first restaurant in Hawaii. The eatery will be on the island of Oahu, likely in the islands’ largest city of Honolulu. The chain also plans to open its first […]

Don’t Put Too Much Faith in Learning from Failure

Don’t Put Too Much Faith in Learning from Failure We have heard and most of us believe that we learn from failure. But what’s the evidence that corroborates that? Perhaps our belief on failure followed by success doesn’t rest on a solid foundation, writes Professor Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies and economics at Case […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Diving Into Franchise Ownership

By Eric Bell Investing in a franchise requires extensive due diligence. Not only do investors need to understand the initial costs and what financing options are available, but they also need to carefully research the franchise model, the franchisor’s experience, the franchisor’s approach to running the business, and the culture of the franchise. Just as […]

8 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Buy a Franchise

By Bruce Hakutizwi There’s no doubt that buying into the right franchise at the right time can be a fantastic business opportunity for numerous reasons: Proven, duplicatable systems make startup and growth easy and scalable Established branding and national marketing support enhance your own marketing efforts Support from a parent company and community of fellow […]