10 Factors to Consider Before Franchising Your Business

Your business’s growth is off the charts, and perhaps you’ve started to consider whether now’s the right time to franchise your business. But before you take the leap, you must consider how franchising will affect your business model, your customers’ satisfaction, and ultimately your revenue. That’s why we asked ten entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the […]

Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights

Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights BMM Wed, 06/22/2011 – 01:30 Forums Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights From the Coalition of Franchisee Associations Why franchisees need a bill of rights Franchising is one of the most powerful brand building tools ever created. It is reported that franchising is responsible for 760,000 businesses, 18 million jobs, 14 […]

8 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Buy a Franchise

By Bruce Hakutizwi There’s no doubt that buying into the right franchise at the right time can be a fantastic business opportunity for numerous reasons: Proven, duplicatable systems make startup and growth easy and scalable Established branding and national marketing support enhance your own marketing efforts Support from a parent company and community of fellow […]