Fitness and health pros: How Precision Nutrition coaches (and how you can coach this way too).

Here’s an inside look at how Precision Nutrition coaches clients, including our client-centric philosophy, habit-based methodology, and full client curriculum. I’ll even pull back the curtain on ProCoach, the program that’s allowing health and fitness pros around the world to coach the way we do.  ++++ Today’s article is really exciting because I’m going to pull back […]

Why the “pause-button mentality” is ruining your health and fitness. ‘Getting a fresh start’ isn’t the magic bullet you thought it’d be.

“I’ll resume healthy eating after my vacation… once the baby is born… after Dad gets out of the hospital… January 1… Monday.” While this kind of “pause-button mentality” seems reasonable, it could be ruining your health and fitness. Here’s why, and what to do about it. +++ There’s a question that’s been finding its way […]

How top-earning health and fitness coaches save time, get better results, and work + live on their own terms.

Everyone in health and fitness eventually hits the same wall: Time. Specifically, they run out of it. They start feeling like there aren’t enough hours to coach clients, manage their businesses, and keep an eye on growth. How do top coaches save time, increase their effectiveness, and work on their own terms? With very specific […]

228 Why parkrun is so successful

Tim Oberg is the Founder and CEO of parkrun Australia, the largest participation event in Australia. From humble beginnings on the Gold Coast in April 2011, parkrun now operates in over 350 communities with 750,000 members.       What you’ll learn The motivation behind starting parkrun How the volunteers contribute to parkrun The financial model […]

Create the perfect meal with this simple 5-step guide. [Infographic] Hundreds of healthy meal combinations made easy.

You know you need a good balance of proteins, carbs, fats. But how do you turn that knowledge into healthy meals that taste delicious? Just mix and match these ingredients, flavor profiles, and cooking methods to create the perfect meal every time. Seriously, this guide could change your life. +++ At Precision Nutrition, it’s our […]