Is Entrepreneurship the Key to True Job Security (and Happiness)?

By Mary Friese It’s time to take a hard look at career assumptions. Who is your boss? Many people in our society are raised to believe that the best way to become financially secure is to get a job and earn “regular” income. The idea of safety, stability, and security fed by the receipt of a regular […]

Is Now the Right Time to Franchise Your Business?

Franchising a business can be an exciting prospect for many entrepreneurs. You have found success locally, and are now ready to expand well beyond your home base. But while the prospect of going nationwide is exciting, there are a number of issues to be aware of. That’s why we asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) […]

In-N-Out Manager Pay Surprisingly Good

In-N-Out Manager Pay Surprisingly Good QSR managers work hard, but in spite of that are not generally thought to have particularly good wages. That’s not the case for In-N-Out Burger managers. They make substantially more than college graduates with some of the better marketable degrees. A typical architect in California earns about $112,000 a year, […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Buying a Franchise

By Eric Stites Dennis Monroe had worked in operations management for over 30 years when he decided to buy a ColorAll franchise (an on-site auto body repair service) with his business partner. The pair owned and operated their ColorAll franchise in Phoenix, Ariz., for nine years before exiting the business and retiring. Looking back on his […]

Why Blockchain Is Important for Hotel Owners

Why Blockchain Is Important for Hotel Owners Blockchain has been around for ten years now, probably most famously as the technology behind Bitcoin. Specialists say that its qualities make it a natural to generate significant improvements for hotels and their travel industry networks. In 2017, blockchain projects flourished, where ICOs [Initial Coin Offering] managed to […]